The bathroom is a place where we can get rid of the fatigue of the day and enjoy a comfortable shower. If you notice that there isn’t much room for many things in the bathroom. The bathroom space of this small apartment is relatively narrow and the storage cabinet is too big. Looking for a good storage idea for your bathroom. We have prepared everything for you

Organizing your bathroom may be the only less enjoyable task than cleaning. Take the time to remove unused products from your bathroom before deciding on the type of easy storage and practical bathroom furniture you need. because the bathroom must be clean and hygienic, which is not possible without proper storage. The fewer disturbances there are, the less chaos that occurs and the faster you get ready.

Bathroom storage ideas for small spaces

Do you only need a little extra storage space in the bathroom that can be stored, There are many ways to use the bathroom as storage space. You can use the space under the sink as storage space for toiletries. In addition, you can use a gondola or basket. Another method is to manage cosmetic devices with magnetic storage plates for cosmetics or separate boxes that adjust the type of cosmetic device. The final choice is a rack for storing other toiletries.

For more tips and ideas for designing your bathroom from scratch, to quick updates, whether you are designing a bathroom from scratch and looking for ways to maximize space, or need a stylish yet affordable choice for budget-friendly bathrooms. You can see the following example:

Small space bathroom storage rack

Small space bathroom storage rack
small bathroom storage and decorating ideas

Wall Mounted Baskets

Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Wall-mounted window boxes or wicker baskets are also a good storage idea (and they also look cool)! This smart organizational solution comes from Our Fifth House.

Over the toilet storage cabinet

Over the toilet storage cabinet

Space savers are becoming increasingly popular throughout the bathroom, making available designs more popular. This one is a popular choice and is suitable for most standard toilets.

Organize Your Vanity


You can add significant storage space to your existing makeup unit with a roll container, as seen in this bathroom by lois_walkingonsunshinerecipes. Make sure you measure your sink before you buy it.

Makeup container & all


In a small space you cannot store nail clippers, hair brushes, skin care bottles, perfume bottles, make-up and other cosmetics everywhere. Like the example image above you can make it so that it is easy to find and keep all your things neat.

Take storage up high

Make the wall work by installing a rack for fresh towels on top of the bathtub. Note that this tub also has a spacious deck where small items can be stored near the tub.

Pole caddies for shower corners

Pole caddies for shower corners

With this caddy bar, you no longer need to run around with a portable shower tray or put shower bottles and other bathroom equipment in the bathroom window. Such a caddy is not only designed for functionality, but also makes your bathroom look classy and neat.

These caddies take up less space in the corner of your bathroom when you store a lot of your bath products. They are available in various designs and materials, from plastic to wood to metal. The best quality metal caddies are made of stainless, but there are also many low quality caddies that are not rust resistant.

Install recessed medicine cabinets

Do you want to maintain a slim profile while storing medicines and makeup near the sink? Put the medicine cabinet hidden between the buttons and get plenty of storage space for trifles. ( Interior designer: Ryan Brown )

desktop storage unit box

small bathroom storage and decorating ideas

Store all your small items in one place with this Target option ($ 22.99). Use each drawer for something else – like polishing nails in one and facing cream in the other – so you always know exactly where to look.

dressing table bathroom vanity

dressing table bathroom vanity

Don’t just put your sink on a good surface. Place it on the dressing table unit with cabinets and / or drawers to store makeup, hair care products and other toiletries. with dressing table bathroom vanity